WhatsApp will tell you what’s new just like Telegram and Signal

WhatsApp is working on a new feature that will soon tell you all about all the new updates. Know how it will work.

WhatsApp is working on a new and interesting feature for Android users which will soon inform them about all the new updates that they should know about! Yes, WhatsApp itself will make you aware of what’s new on the instant messaging app. This comes from the WhatsApp updates tracker WabetaInfo which confirms that a new feature is under development on WhatsApp Beta for Android, that will make it easier to understand what is new on the service. So far, official WhatsApp news or information about the upcoming features was shared by the company’s official profile on Twitter or their blog post. But now, WhatsApp is working on a new feature that lets you receive localized in-app announcements for new features, right within the app.

However, the feature is in its early stage of development, hence you may not get this feature soon on your device. In the meantime, the WabetaInfo blog shared a glimpse of this upcoming feature via screenshot. “The company plans to announce new features within an official WhatsApp chat. Thanks to these announcements, you can stay up to date about recent news released to users,” the WabetaInfo mentioned.

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Moreover, this WhatsApp chat will even send you tips and tricks to improve your experience with WhatsApp. Besides that, it will share the information to learn more about privacy and security. Just like every other chat in WhatsApp, this chatbox will also be end-to-end encrypted so messages cannot be intercepted by third parties. Though, you should note that it will be a read-only chatbox, which means you won’t be able to reply. WhatsApp chat box will be similar to the other messaging apps such as Telegram and Signal, where users get updates through the official channel.

In case you don’t want to receive messages from WhatsApp about new updates and tips, then you will be able to block this chat in the future. Sadly, it is under development and exactly when it will hit your WhatsApp chats is unknown at the moment. However, WabetaInfo reported that this chat automatically shows up when you receive the first message from WhatsApp.

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