Twitter to become more like Instagram Stories! This is what you can attach in tweets in future

Twitter is testing a bunch of new features that will let uses attach multiple items in a single tweet. Here are all the details.

Twitter is set to become more like Instagram! In a new report, Twitter says that it is testing a feature that allows users to post photos, videos and GIFs in one multimedia tweet. So far, you could only post a single type of media in a single tweet. It is already out to some beta users and will eventually be rolled out to more people as time passes. This is a big step from the days when the platform only allows 280 characters for expressing yourself.

“We’re testing a new feature with select accounts for a limited time that will allow people to mix up to four media assets into a single tweet, regardless of format. We’re seeing people have more visual conversations on Twitter and are using images, GIFS and videos to make these conversations more exciting. With this test we’re hoping to learn how people combine these different media formats to express themselves more creatively on Twitter beyond 280 characters,” the company said in a statement to TechCrunch.

Twitter to bring in new post features

The feature is available currently to limited users for a limited time.Additionally, users will also be able to add tags to both photos and videos at the same time.

Currently, most users can only add up to four images together in a post. You can also only add a single video in a post, or just a link to a website or a story. You can also only have a single GIF in a tweet. There’s no way you can mix your choice of media between these formats.

From a leak image a few months ago, it was revealed that this multiple media insertion in a single tweet could be done in the form of a carousal, i.e., one slide could have the photo, other one could have the video, and other could have GIFs.


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