Twitter employees react after Elon Musk shocks world by dumping $44 bn mega-deal

Twitter employees have begun reacting on the microblogging platform after Elon Musk backed out of the deal. “I just don’t believe it’s actually over”, said an employee. Check all reactions.

Just a few hours ago, Elon Musk shocked the world by announcing that he is terminating the $44 billion Twitter mega-deal. AsTwitter issued a statement vowing to take legal action against Musk, the employees have also started coming out on the microblogging platform, discussing and reacting to the unexpected situation. While many of them are wondering about their future in the company, others believe that this is not over yet and merely the end of a chapter and beginning of another. Employees’ reactions also seem pessimistic as just a day ago, Twitter laid off 100 employees from its HR team.

Musk has said that the termination of the Twitter deal was a result of multiple breached provisions by Twitter including failing to provide enough data on spam or fake accounts as well as letting go of executives and recruiters. The announcement seemed to hint at the mass layoff that took place at Twitter yesterday, on July 8.

Twitter employees react to Elon Musk pulling out of the mega deal

While the company is planning a legal move to make the completion of the deal happen, Twitter employees are more worried about their future in the company. Engineers, marketing leaders and staff from other departments have began expressing their concerns on the microblogging platform itself.

According to Reuters, a Twitter employee said that they felt the road ahead is going to be more dreadful. “I just don’t believe it’s actually over”, he added.

Another user whose Twitter bio claims that he works on Twitter’s developer products said, “End of season one – what a cliffhanger…”

Another Twitter employee lamented, “If only this wasn’t the start of a long drawn-out court battle that will just end up lowering the purchase price and continuing the circus for another indefinite amount of time.”

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