Stranger Things season 5: what we know so far

Stranger Things season 5: key info

– Fifth season will be the final one in the mainline show
– No release date announced yet
– Filming may begin in early to mid-2023
– Core cast likely to return
– Major characters may die
– Should answer lingering questions about the Upside Down
– Spin-off and stage play projects in the works

The end is nigh. Stranger Things season 5 will be the final entry in the wildly popular Netflix show‘s mainline series. And, frankly, we’re not ready to say goodbye to Eleven and company.

Despite our reluctance to bid farewell to our Hawkins-based heroes, it sounds like it’ll be a while before Stranger Things season 5 makes its way onto Netflix. The Duffer brothers, the show’s co-creators, aren’t sure about when filming will begin on Stranger Things’ fifth season. And, while we’d like the series’ final instalment to be here as soon as possible, we’re happy for the Duffers to take their time in making Stranger Things 5 as good as it can be. It also means we can delay the inevitable parting of the ways for as long as possible so, please, take your time guys.

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