Solar flare eruption may spark geomagnetic storm today on Earth, worried scientists say

Scientists and researchers are worried about a possible geomagnetic storm today being sparked on Earth by the solar flare.

A giant explosion erupted on the solar surface that has left scientists and researchers worried about a possible geomagnetic storm on Earth. As reported by, a massive solar explosion erupted just near the sun’s southeastern limb, making a” new and active” region. It adds that NOAA forecasters have suggested a slight chance of minor G1-class geomagnetic storms today on August 2 as Earth enters a high-speed stream of solar wind. “The gaseous material is flowing from a southern hole in the sun’s atmosphere,” states the report. According to Nasa, the Geomagnetic storms are measured on “G scale” from 1 to 5 with G1 being minor and G5 being extreme. There is something else that can be expected from a geomagnetic storm- auroras. The fascinating lights on the poles may be seen as a result of the storm.

The Sun is in its 11-year solar cycle, and hence solar flare eruptions grow more intense and extreme. The Sun has been quite volatile lately and is throwing up filaments and brewing sunspots. Some of these have even hit our planet, however, haven’t caused any damage so far. A few weeks back, Dr. Tamitha Skov- the “Space Weather Woman,” had also predicted a solar storm to directly hit Earth on July 19 as a snake-like filament was launched in the Earth-strike zone. Also Read: Horrific! Giant solar storms and impact on satellites: Lost in space

She shared the info via a tweet, “Direct Hit! A snake-like filament launched as a big #solarstorm while in the Earth-strike zone. NASA predicts impact early July 19. Strong #aurora shows it is possible with this one, deep into mid-latitudes. Amateur #radio & #GPS users expect signal disruptions on Earth’s nightside.” Also Read: Solar storm warning; Direct hit on Earth expected by snake-like filament, blackouts feared

What are solar filaments?

Solar filaments are clouds of ionized gas above the solar surface and it exists between magnetic regions of opposite polarity and this magnetism turns into “a slow-moving CME”, or coronal mass ejection, over the past few days.

A CME is intense high-energy radiation eruptions from the sun’s surface. It can create problems for humans on Earth. It might disturb radio frequency or power grid blackouts or even communication blackouts in the world.

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