Shocking selfies! Horrible LAST selfies of people on dying Earth will look like THIS

An Artificial Intelligence (AI) programme called Dall-E has created images of last selfies taken by people on a dying Earth. Check the glimpses here.

Have you ever wondered how the people on Earth will look like when the planet is dying? It is not going to happen for a few billion years, but Earth’s time will eventually come. So, how will a dying Earth look like? Well, you can check the last selfies taken on Earth! Yes, people like taking selfies and posting it on social media platforms, but this artistic AI has taken a pot shot at revealing the final looks. an Artificial Intelligence (AI) image has created the impressions of World’s last picture before it actually dies. According to a report by LiveMint, the pictures were shared by Robot Overloads on TikTok.

A Twitter user named Daniel Silva (@volterinator) also shared the images in a video format and informed that the images have been produced by DALL-E, an artistic AI. “You should by now have heard about the artistic AI. DALL•E someone asked it to create “the last selfie on earth” the result is accurate,” he tweeted. The images in the video shows human beings standing in front of various fiery and fearful backgrounds and they looked thin and disfigured with big eyes and elongated fingers.

The AI image generator wrote, “Asking an Ai to show the last selfie ever taken” and has been viewed 12.7 million times. Over 14,000 netizens remained scared after looking at the pictures and they reacted to the last selfies of earth before it dies.

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While, the video in the tweet by Daniel posted on July 30, has received 4,221 views. Some of the comments on his post were as under:

1. “Seems some wrong calculation…as earth is safe in background…..this may be some other place.”

2. “I noticed that all selfie persons are bald.. So AI created it considering worst.. imagining itself as the last survival”

3. “This is… amazing and terrifying.”

4. “Strange.. I tried this on dall e and the images were much more lighthearted”

5. “How come one more earth in the picture? Or Humans moved to that earth? 🤔”

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