Save 35% on an accessory bundle for your new iPhone 14 Pro

Get a wireless charger, magnetic case and more.

An iPhone 14 Pro and accessories.
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TL;DR: Get the most out of your new iPhone 14 Pro. This Apple Compatible 4-Piece Accessory Bundle for iPhone 14 PRO (20W PD Charger) is 35% off.

Did you just get a new iPhone 14 Pro? If you did, you may have realized there are a number of new devices and accessories you have to be aware of, especially the MagSafe charging system. Unfortunately, Apple often charges you a premium for their branded accessories. Instead, save some money with this Apple Compatible 4-Piece Accessory Bundle — now 35% off.

This bundle includes a charging adapter, a wireless charger, a magnetic case and a charging cable that are all guaranteed compatible with the iPhone 14 Pro.

With the 20W PD charging adapter, you’ll be able to fast charge your iPhone anywhere — going from 0 to 50% in as little as 30 minutes. The smart PD 3.0 technology automatically stops charging when the power is full, protecting against overcharging, overcurrents and overheating. The wireless charger offers faster wireless charging at up to 15W in an accessory that perfectly aligns with your iPhone and AirPods Pro. Plus, it’s built with an integrated charging cable that supports up to 2.4amps of charging current and wide compatibility to expand your charging capabilities.

The bundle includes a clear iPhone 14 Pro case that’s compatible with MagSafe charging. The lightweight protective shell is shockproof and is raised over the back camera and front screen for additional protection. It even supports wireless charging with any Qi charger — including car mounts — which can go a long way for travelers.

Get the accessories you need to maximize your iPhone 14 Pro experience without paying the Apple premium. Right now, you can get this Apple Compatible 4-Piece Accessory Bundle for 35% off $69.99 at just $44.99.

Prices and availability are subject to change.

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