Rick and Morty season 6 will stream on THIS day; OTT release date announced

Rick and Morty season 6 OTT release date is finally here. Check when you will get to see all the new interdimensional adventures from the crazy duo.

The wildly popular animated series Rick and Morty will soon be back for new adventures. That’s right! Rick and Morty season 6 release date has been announced and it is sooner than you think. The black comedy science fiction completed its 5th season in 2021 and ended it on a cliffhanger. With more questions than answers, fans have been waiting for the new season to reveal new information into Evil Morty and the future of the duo. So, read on to find out when the series will have its OTT release date in India and how you can watch it.

Rick and Morty season 6 OTT release date has been revealed

The announcement was made by the official Twitter handle of Rick and Morty. Yesterday, on July 27, the Twitter account posted, “Ripped and ready – Season 6 coming September 4th”, along with an image of the duo with ‘ripped’ six-pack abs. The post has garnered more than 236K likes and 33.3K retweets at the moment of writing this.

The series airs on Adult Swim channel in the USA. However, in India, the rights to the animated show is with Netflix which has all the five seasons of the show on its streaming platform. For season 5, Netflix India released the episodes on the same date as the USA, and it is expected that the same will happen for season 6. So, that means viewers in India will get to watch the first episode of Rick and Morty season 6 on Netflix on September 4 or 5, depending on the time zones.

To watch the show, you would need to have a Netflix subscription. The cheapest subscription Netflix has begins at Rs. 149 a month, using which you can watch all the content of the platform at a fixed resolution of 480p on any mobile devices (laptops, desktops and televisions will not work). And if you want to watch Netflix on a larger screen, the cheapest subscription will cost you Rs. 199 a month.

The season 6 of the show is expected to finally reveal the identity and motivation of Evil Rick and also tell us how, if at all, Rick and Morty will escape the other reality with their portal fluid running out.

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