Overwatch 2’s new tank is too good, like game-breaking good

Now that Overwatch 2’s been in our twitchy hands for a month, Blizzard is ready to show off a brand-new hero. A sentient robot armed with a bucket of badassitude. This towering omnic is Terminator meets monk and makes his presence known on and off the battlefield. With his booming voice and his menacing size, it will be hard to miss Overwatch 2’s newest tank. 

Ramattra is the new hero on the block, and he’s set to take over the tank class in Overwatch 2 with all new abilities and fighting style. The main crux of Ramattra’s design is that he is specifically made for 5v5, and reflects this in his ability to shift from a more traditional main tank to a tank that fits into a dive comp – he can be a big, tough shield for his team, or he can be more mobile and aggressive. Honestly, it’s the best of both worlds. 

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