Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy to get its own Marvel series on Disney+ Hotst

Everyone’s favorite alien tree Groot from the Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy movies is all set to get its own spinoff series on Disney+ Hotstar. Check the OTT release date and find out when you can watch it.

I am Groot! The viral catchphrase of one of the most loved characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is also the title of his new spinoff series. Groot is all set to get five animated shorts as a mini series and it will be a direct-to-OTT release. In recent times, many franchises are taking this route to give their merchandisable characters a spinoff series to tap into its immense popularity. After the popularity of Baby Yoda from the Mandalorian series based on Star Wars, Yoda will also be getting a solo series. Similarly, Minions also got their own series after the popularity of Despicable Me movies. But fans are not complaining as it lets them see more of their favorite character in action. So, all the Groot fans out there, read on to find out the Groot ott release date.

Groot gets a miniseries on Disney+ Hotstar

The ‘I Am Groot’ will be a series of five animated shorts, similar to the Pixar shorts you can check out on Disney+ Hotstar. The show will revolve entirely around Groot and his adventures on alien planets. The series is a spinoff and will not include any Guardians of the Galaxy characters or any other Avenger. Interestingly, the story takes place in the main timeline of Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“It takes place actually between the end of Guardians 2 and before the tag scene in Guardians 2. So, it’s in this narrow window where Groot in that kind of post toddler stage of development,” Marvel Studios Head of Streaming Brad Winderbaum told So, this means while Groot’s age will not be that of the adorable baby from GotG 2, it will also not be the teenager Groot from the Avengers Infinity wars. It will be something in between.

The show’s OTT release date was announced by the official Twitter handle of Disney+ which revealed that the original shorts will start streaming from August 10. Since Disney+ works in collaboration with Hotstar, Indian viewers will get to watch it on Disney+ Hotstar. Do note that you will need a premium subscription to be able to watch it.

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