Bluesound’s new wireless speaker is like a supercharged Sonos One

Bluesound is a brand that aims to go head to head with Sonos, and generally does so with great success. Much like that company, Bluesound’s product lineup consists of a range of wireless speakers, soundbars, and subwoofers, along with amplifiers that can be used to bring wireless streaming to any old speakers. 

The latest wireless speaker to arrive from Bluesound is the Pulse M ($449 / £449 / €549 / around AU$700), which at first glance looks like a somewhat beefier Sonos One. Similar to that model, the Pulse M is a compact standalone speaker with high-res streaming capability that can be paired wirelessly with a second Pulse M for stereo listening, It can also be mated with a wireless subwoofer for extended bass, or used as a surround speaker in a full 5.1 system with one of the company’s soundbars.

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